An Interesting Character

I enjoy Pinterest for a bunch of reasons, and one of them is the humor. I find funny sayings, pictures, posters, quotes, you name it. Today I saw this photograph:



It was easier to post the picture than try to explain a sandwich-board sign coated in chalkboard paint… or maybe not. I don’t know who took the picture or where it’s from, so if anyone knows, fill me in and I’ll give due credit to the source. For those who can’t read the tiny font, it says, “Congratulations, you made it out of bed. Come in and celebrate.”
My first reaction was to smile. That’s pretty cute. Then I thought, does this person really exist? We all alike to joke about how hard it is to get up in the morning, or how we don’t function until we’ve had our first cup of coffee, but most of us aren’t really this extreme.
This would make an awesome character in a novel!
I see story elements in nearly everything I see, do, and read. Have you ever driven by a remote spot and thought, “What a great place to hide a body!” Have you ever seen a child laughing so hard they quit breathing and thought that scene had to go in a book? Have you seen a T-shirt with a sarcastic saying on it and knew which of your characters would proudly wear it?
Am I all by myself in this? What would you do with this character who must buy a coffee in response to successfully getting out of bed on time?

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  1. sonjadhutchinson Avatar

    Sorry about the spacing, folks. I’ve tired four times to correct it — including re-typing the entire post. Once I put the photo in, all paragraph spacing disappears completely, and I can’t find a way to put them back in. Anyone out there know what I’m doing wrong?

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