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I’m a stay-at-home mom of three grown boys and grandma of two munchkins. Like most authors, I’ve worked a plethora of jobs over the years, including teacher, foreign missionary, secretary, publications editor, budget analyst, accountant, data entry operator, file clerk, choir director, and church pianist. When not writing, I enjoy critiquing other writers, painting murals, singing in the church choir, and keeping the local librarians busy.

I embraced the challenge of writing a novel in 2000, before my first son was born. Seventeen novels and three short stories later, I’m hoping for an agent, traditional publication, and a vanilla frappuccino that won’t settle on my hips. I’m an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, and mystery.

Web Master’s/Husband’s Note: Deftly tackling the duties of wife, mother, educator, chief cook, painter, musician, and domestic goddess, Sonja somehow finds time to write–to the amazement and adoration of her husband.

One response to “Home”

  1. Jane M McCarthy Avatar
    Jane M McCarthy

    Hi Sonja,

    I just finished Vol.4 of your Bond Wolf series and hope other volumes are available soon.

    When I first began reading, I was a bit annoyed because:
    -the story did not explain how or why Lorcans or Drydens were different than people of other kingdoms.
    -why humans were so feared.
    -there was no explanation of why some people were able to bond with wolves and some were not.
    -it seems humans did not have “Gifts”. Were families pleased if they had a child or children with Gifts? Would a child without a Gift become resentful and feel not as valued as a sibling who did?

    Then I realized I was reacting the same way as when I visited my daughter’s home a few years back. They were watching a zombie show. After a few minutes, I wanted to know why zombies exist? Were they acting with intelligence or just instinct to hunt? Why did they stumble along slowly in big groups but could act pretty quick when they were close to a victim?

    My son-in-law did not know and finally my daughter said “Mom! Just watch the show! Sometimes everything is not explained right away.” I have not watched zombie shows since because the story seemed too muddled, lacking in detail, and are very negative overall.

    I thought of my need to know all the facts quickly when getting into the first book, so decided to be patient and it paid off. Still some unanswered questions but perhaps they will explained in future books.

    I hope you will keep writing for many years to come. I really enjoyed them.

    Thank you.

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