Fantastic Announcement

Sometimes it takes a broken man to fix a broken world. I’m thrilled to announce my epic fantasy novel, Voice of the Just, is available for pre-order through amazon. Check it out. Launch date is Sept 2, 2021. #ShamelessSelfPromoFriday #BookBoost #amwriting

Deliver What You Promised

Recently, a writer “liked” one of my blog posts. That doesn’t happen as often as you’d think, so I clicked on his name to find out more about him. He’s got three novels out, self published. I read his bio and LOVED it! The writing was excellent. It had wit, charm, a bit of sarcasm, … Continue reading

Introducing Microtension

In the September 2014 issue of Writer’s Digest, Donald Maass has a short but interesting article on Building Microtension Into Every Scene. The article was a fast read, and full of useful information, but I’m not going to share all of it. I want to pick out a bit at the end and discuss what … Continue reading

Plotting a Great Mystery

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’m plotting a new mystery. I’m taking a quick break today to share something I found on Pinterest (yes, I wasted some of my plotting time with a visit to Pinterest–since I only spent five minutes there, I’m not feeling guilty at all). The pic said this: “To uncover … Continue reading

My Story is Boring

I think this is a problem most writer’s face. You get to that spot in the story where everything slows down and you’re certain it’s boring. What to do? I’m facing that problem today. One solution is to raise the stakes. There are at least five different kinds of stakes that I know of, and … Continue reading

An Interesting Character

I enjoy Pinterest for a bunch of reasons, and one of them is the humor. I find funny sayings, pictures, posters, quotes, you name it. Today I saw this photograph:   It was easier to post the picture than try to explain a sandwich-board sign coated in chalkboard paint… or maybe not. I don’t know … Continue reading

Writing Prompts

Over on Pinterest, interesting writing prompts pop up once in a while on my feed. One especially interesting one caught my attention, so I followed the link. It’s called Reddit Writing Prompts. Go check it out, I’ll wait for you.   The one that jumped out at me on Pinterest is this:   > On your … Continue reading

What Is a Log-Line, and Do You Need One?

Kristen Lamb wrote an awesome blog post yesterday called “How to Tell if Your Story is On Target–What is Your Book About in ONE Sentence?” It’s awesome. Go read it (I put the link in there), then come back. Or just stick around, because I plan on hitting the high points and adding a few bits of … Continue reading