Research for a New Novel

My good friend Aggeloi asked me to blog about a recent research venture of mine. It began, as it usually does, with an idea. This one happens to be for a children’s story. I’ve never written for children, but that’s a topic for another blog. The story needs to be set in a small town, … Continue reading

The Joy of Lists

I want to finish my overview Marc McCutcheon’s book  Building Believable Characters today, despite the fact that there’s still a lot to cover. The entire second half of the book is lists. Lots of lists. I love lists, so this is a great book for me. Here’s what you’d find if you bought the book:   … Continue reading

Whining and Self-Doubt

I’m taking a quick break from my series to talk about something many of us struggle with. I’m in the process now, and I’m working on making it go away.   Here’s the set-up. I wrote a novel called CASSANDRA’S CURSE. At the time, it was the best novel I’d ever written. It was my … Continue reading

Hobbies and Sports

Unfortunately, I’m sitting around today wasting time instead of writing. My self-discipline seems to have headed for higher ground, and it only bothers me a little bit. A mental health break to play with Facebook and my iPad seems fitting. But back to business. I’m picking some of the good stuff out of Marc McCutcheon’s book … Continue reading