Rise of the Just (#4)

The cast of book 4 is insanely huge. Here’s the list, in case you need help while reading.

AdamKiaran warrior; fishing enthusiast, designed a new weir
AkondaWild wolf; black markings on his head and neck, tan underbelly
Aldan (8)Kiaran child; son of Duncan and Caera; sandy blond hair, brown eyes
Alex (18)Kiaran warrior; Master Swordsman & Archer, best swordsman of the generation; bond-man of Tala; black hair, amber eyes, slight chin dimple; Parents Titus and Rayna (both deceased), grandparents Joseph (imprisoned) and Sarah; five foot five inches tall; Mary guessed his weight at one hundred fifty
Allie (26)Kiaran woman; wife of Cullen;
Angela Denning (15)Human teenager, missing; blonde hair, blue eyes
Anika (23)Dryden baker; daughter of Nina; short, slender, willowy; black hair, blue eyes; wears ankle bracelets; natural scent of hazelnuts; warm hands and feet
AranKiaran warrior (deceased)
ArturKiaran farmer
AshLorcan Commander
Bader, ConradHuman doctor; white, short-cropped hair; thin; huge hands; natural scent of salt and dust
BenjaminKiaran Lord, leader of House Temperance; executed by Donal
BernardKiaran brewer
Bina (28)Dryden minstrel; hazel eyes that sometimes glow, long chestnut, curly hair; four foot six inches tall and lean; alto voice
BoazDryden Colonel; mean eyes; huge mole on cheek
BrandonDryden warrior
Bria (17)Dryden Princess
Caera (32)Kiaran woman; wife of Duncan, mother of Aldan; blonde hair, brown eyes
CaseyKiaran warrior; axe fighter; brought a cart and four horses 
ChoganWild wolf
Chris (27)Kiaran Master Archer; bond-man of Silva; pale blond hair, brown eyes
CodyKiaran warrior
Cullen (29)Kiaran warrior; Master Axeman; husband of Allie; 
Daisy (25)Lorcan slave; finger-length white hair; husband was killed in a border raid
DarcyKiaran warrior; sent on a special assignment by Gabriel to spread word through Kiaran of Alex’s valley
DarieKiaran woman; Aran’s widow
DeclanDryden Colonel; long white braid, 4 Mastery Cords; gold eyes
Diane WilsonHuman wife of Grant Wilson; dying of cancer
Donal (28)Prince of Kiaran; short, slight build, curly black hair; afraid of wolves
DrewHuman clerk; works at the hardware store
Duncan (40)Kiaran Lieutenant; dark blond hair, gold eyes
DutifulLorcan woman; married to Darcy; mother of Obadiah (Obi); brown hair, brown eyes; four foot four inches tall
EguWild wolf; lives near human city
Eli (30ish)Kiaran Elder; dark hair, black eyes
ElihuDryden warrior
EnochHaven infant; son of Takota and Lydia
Eryn (6)Kiaran child; daughter of Jarod; strawberry blonde hair
EvaDryden Healer; narrow, wrinkled face; long black hair streaked with white, golden eyes
Falcon (28)Kiaran warrior; bond-man of Palo; given name Fallon; son of Lord Conan of House Courage; twin brother of Rachel; dark auburn hair, golden eyes
Finnegan, RichHuman medical assistant at Bader-Werner Medical Research Institute; nickname Finn
Gabriel (32)Kiaran Captain, Master Swordsman; dark hair, dark eyes, neat beard
GalvynKiaran animal keeper; long, white beard
Grant WilsonHuman farmer; father of Lesie, Jamie, and Kevin; husband of Diane; pale hair, blue eyes; the human who lives closest to Alex’s valley
Greer, RaymondHuman Ambassador; dark skin and hair, blue eyes; laugh lines around his eyes and mouth; angular face
HassunWild wolf
Holly (30s)Lorcan slave; finger-length red hair; she and her husband sold themselves to pay off debts
HopeLorcan slave; finger-length black hair, golden eyes, dimpled chin
Hyun Ah RhineholdHuman psychologist; works for the Monitor Police; brown skin, black shoulder-length hair;
ImalaDryden bond-wolf of Sem
IsoldaKiaran cook 
Jansen, KarlHuman loonie; member of the Church of the Lamb Triumphant; brown hair, brown eyes, mid-thirties
Jarod (39)Kiaran blacksmith; ginger hair with white streaks at the temples; massive biceps; natural scent of wood smoke and charcoal
JayKiaran warrior; sent on a special assignment by Gabriel to spread word through Kiaran of Alex’s valley
JeffHuman store clerk; spotty skin
JonasDryden Elder; short, balding with a fringe of red hair; bulging eyes
JoshuaDryden cheesemaker; husband of Bina; tall, thin; square, chiseled jaw with a chin dimple; sandy hair
KaliskaDryden bond-wolf of Peyton
KaneDryden Major; Master Archer; dark hair with white at temples; tall
Keely (12)Kiaran child; daughter of Jarod; dark red hair; uses a bow
Kevin Wilson (10)Human child; son of Grant Wilson
KosumiWild wolf
LeahDryden barmaid; wears ankle bracelets; blonde hair, golden eyes; voluptuous build; wears a yellow dress
Leslie Wilson (8)Human child; daughter of Grant Wilson; blonde hair, blue eyes, round face
LeviDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Neri; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; playful; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
Lew (63)Kiaran Lieutenant; salt & pepper hair, scar from left eye to chin; natural scent of garlic
LinnetteDyrden minstrel; Bina’s grandmother, Robard’s daughter; hazel eyes
Lisa (13)Kiaran child; daughter of Lora and Sea; fiery red hair
LoneganDryden warrior; dark hair, golden eyes; no natural scent
Lonnie BecketHuman pastor at Church of the Lamb Triumphant; balding
Lora (31)Kiaran woman; wife of Sean and mother of Lisa; fiery red hair
LuckyGrant Wilson’s dog
LuggenbeelHuman police officer, nickname Lug; thin and lanky with a pot belly; bulging arms; oily brown hair, small blue eyes
Lydia (20)Kiaran woman; wife of Takota; dark hair, slim build, pointy chin
MakyaWild wolf
Mariah (17)Kiaran trader; Alex’s betrothed; auburn hair, brown eyes; natural scent of bayberry
Marini, LanceHuman police officer
MarkusDryden King; bond-man of Nashoba; brown eyes; slight build with slim, fine hands
Mary Nguyen (25)Human police officer, nickname Winn; brown skin, black braided hair; athletic build; five foot five inches tall; badge 1402; natural scent of sweet coffee
Matthias (30)Dryden Elder; golden apricot-brandy voice, bronze skin, black eyes and hair; high, prominent cheek bones; natural scent of mint
MichaelDryden General; black hair streaked with white; 4 Mastery Cords; gold eyes; half a left eyebrow; 
Mikal (22)Kiaran warrior; dark copper hair, mahogany skin; broad, flat cheekbones, strong chin, dark eyes
MisuWild wolf
Mullins, KentHuman detective; large, fit, and muscular with short-cropped dark hair and a mustache
Naomi (40)Kiaran woman; mother of Lydia; dark hair streaked with white; heart-shaped face
NaraDryden bond-wolf of Queen Sabra
NeriDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Levi; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; logical; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
Niall (23)Kiaran warrior; tawny hair, amber eyes; large build; forced to beat Alex while serving as palace guard
NinaDryden baker; mother of Anika; tiny, plump, black hair
Nissa (17)Kiaran weaver; daughter of Jarod; curly, copper hair; amber eyes; five feet tall, slim and willowy; natural scent of clover
NolaKiaran woman; friend of Rachel’s
NolanDryden Elder
NotakuWild wolf; brindled
ObadiahKiaran infant; son of Darcy and Dutiful; dark hair
OlwynDryden minstrel; Bina’s mother, General Michael’s wife
OrinKing of Kiaran, Donal’s father; gray hair, brown eyes
OscarKiaran Lieutenant
PahanaWild wolf
PaloBond-wolf of Falcon, son of Tala; silver fur with a patch of creamy facial hair that resembles a smile
PeterKiaran Lord; Donal’s cousin; red-gold hair; rounded belly; uses a whip for a weapon; natural scent of dust and buckbean
Peyton (24)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Kaliska; dark hair, high cheekbones, neatly trimmed beard, hazel eyes; natural scent of lavender
PhillipKiaran warrior
PluckLorcan warrior; captured outside Goldenleaf
Rachel (28)Kiaran Lady of House Prudence; twin sister of Falcon; curly auburn hair, gold eyes; natural scent of carnations and cloves
RebekahKiaran slave; finger-length dark blonde hair
RoanDryden warrior
Robard (106)Dryden minstrel; white hair; colorful attire; baritone voice; natural scent of cedar seedlings
Roswell, JordanHuman police officer, nickname Roz; six feet tall, light brown hair, weighs one hundred eighty pounds
Ryan (43)Kiaran warrior; gray streaks in black hair
SabraDryden Queen; bond-woman of Nara
Sani (4)Wild wolf; silver fur, white belly, white chevrons down his front legs, silver face with tan guard hairs; gold eyes
SarahKiaran seamstress; Alex’s mother; natural scent of baking bread
Saul (87)Kiaran Lord of House Justice; white hair, wrinkled face
SaurienSoul Eater/demon; leathery wings; barbed tail; mottled, charcoal hide; sharp teeth; red eyes
Sean (34)Kiaran warrior; husband of Lora, father of Lisa; fiery red hair
Sem (20)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Imala; bond hair, golden eyes, natural fruity scent, no jaw definition; catch phrase “hoy”
ShadaBond-wolf of Caera; niece of Tala; black-tipped ears
Shannon (3)Wolf; Tala’s daughter; silver fur, ears tipped with black; missing a chunk of her right ear; named after Shannon the Herbalist
SidHuman security guard at Bader-Werner Medical Research Institute
SilasKiaran stonemason
SilvaBond-wolf of Chris
SoyalaWild wolf
SparkLorcan warrior; lazy eye
Steiner, AndyHuman reporter
TackyDryden crow; Healer Eva’s friend
Takota (21)Kiaran warrior, Master of Hand-to-hand; brown eyes, hair, and skin; wide mouth
Tala (12)Bond-wolf of Alex; amber eyes, silver fur with a creamy patch on her cheeks and chin resembling a smile
Thurston, TateHuman TV producer; very tall and blond
Tray     Lorcan-born Councilor to King Orin; lanky build; smokes eel grass
ValorLorcan prince
VaniaKiaran woman; Gabriel’s wife (now deceased)
Vasquez, Ramona (37)Human police officer; Captain; tall, short black hair, dark eyes, dark skin, full cheeks; slim build 
VeilLorcan goddess of nature
Warburton, JohnHuman assistant to Ambassador Greer; eyeglasses
Waya (4)Wild wolf; small
Werner, NadiaHuman doctor; shoulder-length blonde hair; blue eyes; glasses; natural scent of bitter smoke
Wooddrow, BeckHuman police officer
Zach (12)Dryden minstrel; son of Joshua and Bina; dimpled chin