Mission of the Just (#2)

What do you believe?

Alex saved the kingdom of Dryden from a sneak attack, but the cost was catastrophic. An arrow to the spine stole the use of his legs. However, his bond-wolf Tala vows he’ll walk again. 

When the wild wolves in the Shadow Realm fall prey to hunters, Alex must recover to save them. He joins an elite unit of bond-men tasked with eradicating the threats, but he struggles with the team’s ridiculous belief that the Realm is haunted by the demonic Soul Eater.

Alex intends to prove them wrong. Or will he?

List of characters in Mission of the Just

AchakWild wolf; white pelt
AkondaWild wolf; black markings on his head and neck, tan underbelly
Alex (18)Kiaran warrior; Master Swordsman & Archer, best swordsman of the generation; bond-man of Tala; black hair, amber eyes, slight chin dimple; Parents Joseph & Sarah; 6 yrs old in prologue
AlmaKiaran child; 4 yrs old in prologue
Anika (23)Dryden baker; daughter of Nina; short, slender, willowy; black hair, blue eyes; wears ankle bracelets; natural scent of hazelnuts; warm hands and feet
BevanDryden Lieutenant; Master Swordsman; cadet master; graying hair
Bina (28)Dryden minstrel; hazel eyes that sometimes glow, long chestnut, curly hair; tall and slim; alto voice
BoazDryden Colonel; mean eyes; huge mole on cheek
BrandonDryden warrior
CalloughDryden archer; bond-man of Helki; dark hair, but shaved bald
CarrickKiaran warrior/assassin
ChoganWild wolf
Chris (27)Kiaran Master Archer; bond-man; pale blond hair, brown eyes
ClayLorcan warrior
DeclanDryden Colonel; long white braid, 4 Mastery Cords; gold eyes
DodgeLorcan archer
Donal (28)Prince of Kiaran; curly black hair; afraid of wolves
EduinKiaran child
EvaDryden Healer; narrow, wrinkled face; long black hair streaked with white, golden eyes
GabrielKiaran Captain 
ImalaDryden bond-wolf of Sem; feisty, gray and tan
KaliskaDryden bond-wolf of Peyton
KaneDryden Major; Master Archer; dark hair with white at temples; tall
KyleKiaran child; 11 yrs old in prologue
LamechDryden Captain; severely crooked nose
LeahDryden barmaid; wears ankle bracelets; blonde hair, golden eyes; voluptuous build; wears a yellow dress
LeviDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Neri; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; playful; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
Liam          Kiaran Colonel
LoneganDryden warrior; dark hair, golden eyes; no natural scent
MaireKiaran child
Mariah (17)Kiaran trader; Alex’s betrothed; auburn hair, brown eyes, freckles; natural scent of bayberry
MarkusDryden King; bond-man of Nashoba; brown eyes; slight build with slim, fine hands
Matthias (30)Dryden Elder; golden apricot-brandy voice, bronze skin, black eyes and hair; high, prominent cheek bones
Meli (11)Bond-wolf of Levi and Neri
MichaelDryden General; black hair streaked with white; 4 Mastery Cords; gold eyes; half a left eyebrow; 
MillerLorcan warrior
MisuWild wolf; small, scarred
NaraDryden bond-wolf of Queen Sabra; reddish-blonde fur on neck and shoulders; gold eyes
NashobaDryden bond-wolf of King Markus; silver with tan underbelly and scarred neck
NeriDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Levi; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; logical; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
Niall Kiaran child; 11 yrs old in prologue
NinaDryden baker; mother of Anika; tiny, plump, black hair
Nolan            Dryden Elder
NotakuWild wolf; brindled
OrnaDryden cobbler; Skelly’s wife; plump, bright red hair
OwenDryden Lieutenant
Peyton (24)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Kaliska; dark hair, high cheekbones, neatly trimmed beard, hazel eyes; calls male friends “brother”
Robard (106)Dryden minstrel; white hair; colorful attire; baritone voice
Sani (4)Wild wolf; silver fur, white belly, white chevrons down his front legs, silver face with tan guard hairs; gold eyes
SarahKiaran seamstress; Alex’s mother; natural scent of baking bread
SaurienSoul Eater/demon; leathery wings; barbed tail; mottled, charcoal hide; sharp teeth; red eyes
Seamus Kiaran child; slight and fair; 6 yrs old in prologue
Sem (20)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Imala; bond hair, golden eyes, natural fruity scent, no jaw definition; catch phrase “hoy”
Shannon (3)Wolf; Tala’s daughter; silver fur, ears tipped with black; named after Shannon the Herbalist
SilvaBond-wolf of Chris
SkellyDryden cobbler; Orna’s husband; 
TackyDryden crow; Healer Eva’s friend
Tala (12)Bond-wolf; amber eyes, silver fur with a creamy patch on her cheeks and chin resembling a smile
TalonLorcan warrior
TideLorcan warrior
TorinKiaran Sergeant; loyal to Donal
ValorLorcan prince
Waya (4)Wild wolf; small
YumaWild wolf; gray fur