Sacrifice of the Just (#3)

When do you risk it all?

 Injured. Exhausted. Alone.

Hunted by a demon with toxic claws that refuses to die, Alex the Just is stranded near a foreign realm whose unpredictable inhabitants believe his people are a myth. Unable to begin the long hike back to his wolf, his only option is to step from the shadows—even if it costs him his life.

If Alex can’t convince the foreigners to stand with him against the demon and the power-hungry Prince Donal, whose army is marching toward the Southlands, every kingdom will fall. No pressure.

List of Characters in Sacrifice of the Just

AaronKiaran Captain; red hair and beard; fights with an axe
AkondaWild wolf; black markings on his head and neck, tan underbelly
Alex (18)Kiaran warrior; Master Swordsman & Archer, best swordsman of the generation; bond-man of Tala; black hair, amber eyes, slight chin dimple; Parents Titus & Rayna (both deceased), grandparents Joseph (imprisoned) & Sarah; Mary guessed height of five foot four and weight of one hundred fifty
Amon (6)Human child kidnapped by Saurien
Amy (11)Human child kidnapped by Saurien; last name Sutton
Angela Denning (15)Human teenager, missing; blonde hair, blue eyes
AngusLorcan warrior
Anika (23)Dryden baker; daughter of Nina; short, slender, willowy; black hair, blue eyes; wears ankle bracelets; natural scent of hazelnuts; warm hands and feet
Bina (28)Dryden minstrel; hazel eyes that sometimes glow, long chestnut, curly hair; tall and slim; alto voice
Carla DenningHuman woman, Angela’s mother
ChoganWild wolf
Chris (27)Kiaran Master Archer; bond-man; pale blond hair, brown eyes
DietzHuman police officer
Donal (28)Prince of Kiaran; short, slight build, curly black hair; afraid of wolves
EguWild wolf; lives near human city
EnormousHuman bodyguard; huge build, dressed in black; scar through eyebrow
ErikssonHuman police officer
Eryn (6)Kiaran child; daughter of Jarod; strawberry blonde hair
FergusKiaran valet to Prince Donal
GiganticHuman bodyguard; huge build, dressed in black; crocked nose
GiovanniHuman criminal; tall, shoulder-length black hair; pasty, fair skinned; first name Albert
Grant WilsonHuman farmer; father of Lesie, Jamie, and Kevin; husband of Diane; pale hair, blue eyes; the human who lives closest to Alex’s valley
HassunWild wolf
Hyun Ah RhineholdHuman psychologist; works for the Monitor Police; brown skin, black shoulder-length hair;
IsaacKiaran Lord; Donal’s cousin
Jamie Wilson (12)Human child; son of Grant Wilson
JarodKiaran blacksmith; ginger hair with white streaks at the temples; massive biceps
Jason (4)Human child kidnapped by Saurien
JulietteHuman child
KaliskaDryden bond-wolf of Peyton
Keely (12)Kiaran child; daughter of Jarod; dark red hair; uses a bow
KestralLorcan warrior
Kevin Wilson (10)Human child; son of Grant Wilson
KosumiWild wolf
KyleKiaran warrior; loyal to Donal
Leslie Wilson (8)Human child; daughter of Grant Wilson; blonde hair, blue eyes, round face
LeviDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Neri; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; playful; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
LuckyGrant Wilson’s dog
LuggenbeelHuman police officer, nickname Lug; thin and lanky with a pot belly; bulging arms; oily brown hair, small blue eyes
LydiaKiaran jeweler from Canoc
MackHomeless human
Marini, LanceHuman police officer
MarkusDryden King; bond-man of Nashoba; brown eyes; slight build with slim, fine hands
Mary Nguyen (25)Human police officer, nickname Winn; brown skin, black braided hair; athletic build; five foot five inches tall; badge 1402
Matthias (30)Dryden Elder; golden apricot-brandy voice, bronze skin, black eyes and hair; high, prominent cheek bones
Melissa (7)Human child kidnapped by Saurien
MichaelDryden General; black hair streaked with white; 4 Mastery Cords; gold eyes; half a left eyebrow; 
MirahKiran warrior; loyal to Donal
MisuWild wolf
Mullins, KentHuman detective; large, fit, and muscular with short-cropped dark hair and a mustache
NeriDryden Colonel; Master Swordsman; twin of Levi; bond-man of Meli; pale blond hair, amber eyes; logical; fond of coin tosses to make decisions
Nissa (17)Kiaran weaver; daughter of Jarod; curly, copper hair; amber eyes; tall and slim
NotakuWild wolf; brindled
O’Malley’sHuman tavern near Mary’s apartment owned by Bart O’Malley
PahanaWild wolf
PeterKiaran Lord; Donal’s cousin; red-gold hair; rounded belly; uses a whip for a weapon; natural scent of dust and buckbean
Peyton (24)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Kaliska; dark hair, high cheekbones, neatly trimmed beard, hazel eyes
PrumeHuman cop
Robard (106)Dryden minstrel; white hair; colorful attire; baritone voice
Roswell, JordanHuman police officer, nickname Roz; six feet tall, light-haired, weighs one hundred eighty pounds
Sani (4)Wild wolf; silver fur, white belly, white chevrons down his front legs, silver face with tan guard hairs; gold eyes
SarahKiaran seamstress; Alex’s mother; natural scent of baking bread
SaurienSoul Eater/demon; leathery wings; barbed tail; mottled, charcoal hide; sharp teeth; red eyes
SebaKiaran warrior; loyal to Donal
Sem (20)Dryden warrior; bond-man of Imala; bond hair, golden eyes, natural fruity scent, no jaw definition; catch phrase “hoy”
Shannon (3)Wolf; Tala’s daughter; silver fur, ears tipped with black; named after Shannon the Herbalist
SilvaBond-wolf of Chris
Sissy            Human teenager, friend of Angela
SoyalaWild wolf
Tabitha (19)Kiaran Lady of House Diligence; silky brown hair
TackyDryden crow; Healer Eva’s friend
Tala (12)Bond-wolf; amber eyes, silver fur with a creamy patch on her cheeks and chin resembling a smile
TirasKiaran warrior; loyal to Donal
Tray     Lorcan-born Councilor to King Orin; lanky build; long, white hair; smokes eel grass
ValorLorcan prince
Vasquez, RamonaHuman police officer; Captain; tall, short hair, dark eyes, dark skin; 
VoleLorcan archer
WandaHuman barmaid at O’Malley’s
Waya (4)Wild wolf; small