Christian WHAT?!?

I’ve mentioned Jeff Gerke in my blogs before. He’s one my favorite people to “keep an eye on” (that hints at stalking, but I only do that with people I live close to, and since Jeff’s several states away, he’s safe from me for now). Anyway, he’s a huge advocate of Christian Speculative Fiction, which is just a really fancy way of summing up the weird stuff: time travel, science fiction, vampires, etc. The stuff that I love to read, but can’t find enough of in the Christian book store.

Jeff’s not one to whine and complain about the lack of good reading materials in this genre. He’s launching his own indie publishing house called Marcher Lord Press (MLP). Check it out at (He’s also the mastermind behind Where the Map Ends.) MLP targets speculative readers where they’re at. Not at the Christian bookstore, because we gave up looking there a long time ago. MLP markets its books exclusively online, like at amazon. It launches October 1st of this year. Jeff is giving away tons of prizes, so go sign up to win one! Then check out MLP’s first three books. It’ll be worth your time.


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