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Mystery vs. Suspense Part 3

I’m discussing the differences between mystery and suspense, blatantly stealing content from Carolyn Wheat, as presented in T. Macdonald Skillman’s book WRITING THE THRILLER. (Side note: Carolyn Wheat also put her list of 16 differences in her boo… Continue reading


Mystery vs. Suspense Part 2

I’m picking apart the differences between mystery and suspense with the help of T. Macdonald Skillman’s book, WRITING THE THRILLER . Today’s post will also be aided by Carolyn Wheat, who came up with sixteen differences between the two closely rel… Continue reading

Mystery vs. Suspense Part 1

I checked out a book from the library last week called WRITING THE THRILLER by T. Macdonald Skillman. She started off the book in an interesting place: defining suspense fiction. Suspense (or thriller) fiction is different from a mystery. Sure, so… Continue reading