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Build a Perfect Elevator Pitch

Susan Spann posted an awesome article on June 19 that I just discovered today. It’s about creating the perfect elevator pitch. (For those who don’t know, an elevator pitch is the speech you have prepared regarding your novel so that, if you find yourself on an elevator with an editor or agent, you can spit out … Continue reading

Why Your Story Got Rejected

Please note the title says “your story,” not “you.” When agents send you a rejection letter (or worse, a form rejection letter that’s been photocopied so many times the paper looks gray), they are not rejecting you as a person. It’s incredibly har… Continue reading

The All-Important Query Letter

You’ve got a manuscript that’s ready for publication. You’ve compiled a list of literary agents you’d be interested in working with. Now it’s time to send your work to these agents and hope one of them likes your work enough to represent you in yo… Continue reading