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Reversing Motives

I’m studying Donald Maass’ book Writing The Breakout Novel  for the umpteenth time. Every time I look at it, I see something I need to work on. Today I want to share an exercise he gives on reversing motives.    (this photo of Luke Skywalker’s motive is brought to you by rerolled.org)   Your protagonist has a … Continue reading

Building an Awesome Protagonist

I’ve been re-reading Donald Maass’ excellent book Writing The Break-Out Novel. There’s also a workbook that goes along with it. In the chapter dealing with creating protagonists, there’s an interesting exercise I’d like to share with you.    (photo courtesy of amazon.com)   First, answer the following questions:   1. What is the one thing your … Continue reading

Heroic Protagonist

First off, let me say that Pinterest can be a major time-suck. Wow, is it addictive! I saw the cutest picture the other day (see below). Believe it or not, this actually has to do with my post.   (I have no clue where this photo came from – I got it off Pinterest. Please … Continue reading