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How to Eat a Stinging Nettle

Finding something to eat in the wilderness can be a taxing problem if you don’t know what you’re doing. Same goes for your hero. Whether you’re writing fantasy, a historical, or a modern-day story set in the woods, your hero needs to know what he … Continue reading

Edible Flowers

Whether you’re writing fantasy, historical fiction, or a modern-day story set in the woods, it’s good to know what’s edible in the forests and meadows you plunk your character into. Green leafy things can be hard to identify, and sometimes your ch… Continue reading

Edible Water Plants

Maybe you’re writing a fantasy and your protagonist is searching for dinner in the woods. Or you’re writing a historical and your antagonist has to forage for a meal. Or you’re in desperate need of a walk to clear your cluttered head and you spot … Continue reading

The Incredible Edible Fern

Whether you’re writing a fantasy, a historical, or a camping story set in modern times, your protagonist needs to know what part of the flora is edible and what to avoid. In my last post, I discussed some of the green things that become available … Continue reading