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The All-Important Book Title

I had a major disappointment yesterday. While searching for comp titles (those are books that are similar to mine) for my unpublished book RELENTLESS, I discovered the perfect match: a book about a guy with superhero powers, written by a Christian (so it didn’t have the ubiquitous sex scene), that had decent sales. The problem? … Continue reading

I Will Now Reveal My Secret Identity

The Kill Zone posted a fabulous question today: “If you were to invent the ultimate pen name for your hidden self, what would it be?” I immediately went to the comments section to see all the fabulous answers. Most of them were humorous–obviously, not all commenters were taking the question seriously. Some chose the names of … Continue reading

Who Likes Mildred and Bill?

In thinking about that last post, I left something out. I like the character names I chose to mean something. For instance, in my first novel, the protagonist is a warrior searching for justice in a kingdom ruled by corrupt men. My protagonist wou… Continue reading