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If you ever get a bookstore appearance…

A few authors out there just want to see their book in hand with their name on it, but most of us also want to SELL our books. That means book store appearances (I hope). The September issue of Writer’s Digest has an awesome article called “Going Public: How to Ace Readings, Signings, Interviews & … Continue reading

Marketing via Public Speaking

While I wait for an agent to snatch me up for representation, I’m devoting some time to the study of marketing. I realize, once I actually sign a contract with a publisher, that most of the marketing will fall to me. Unfortunately, I’m not a marketing-savvy person. I think I’d rather poke myself with a … Continue reading

Using Pinterest to Market Your Novel

Beginning this Saturday, I’ll be guest blogging at Melody Steiner’s site, where I’ll be talking about marketing. But I want to begin the discussion today. I’m currently in the span of suck known as The Waiting Game. I’ve written a bunch of truly awesome novels, and I’ve queried every agent in existence, but no one’s jumped … Continue reading