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What Is a Log-Line, and Do You Need One?

Kristen Lamb wrote an awesome blog post yesterday called “How to Tell if Your Story is On Target–What is Your Book About in ONE Sentence?” It’s awesome. Go read it (I put the link in there), then come back. Or just stick around, because I plan on hitting the high points and adding a few bits of … Continue reading

Marketing: Attract, Engage, Convert

I’m still dispensing wisdom I sucked out of Randy Ingermanson‘s class on marketing last week. I can’t give away all of it, but I’m sharing the basics. I already discussed writing a vision statement for your career. Once you know where you’re going, you can plan your strategy and your tactics. But what’s a successful strategy? … Continue reading

Vision Statements

In my last post, I briefly discussed vision before launching into the more exciting stuff. Today I want to back up and look at vision a little closer. Why, you ask? Because if you don’t have a vision (a goal) for your writing career, how will you know what strategies and tactics you should use … Continue reading

Marketing: Vision, Strategy, and Tactics

I’m back from my writing conference and all fired up to do more writing stuff. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm hasn’t translated to more words in my WIP. It’ll come, as soon as life settles back down to normal. I promised last week that I’d share what I learned. (To be honest, I promised to share starting … Continue reading

What To Do with a QR Code

During the month of July, I was a guest blogger at Melody Steiner’s site, where I focused on marketing. I’m fairly certain not all my readers hopped over there to read my posts. That’s okay. I didn’t expect it. But my last post over there, about QR codes, was pretty good. I’m re-posting it here today. So … Continue reading

Marketing 101

When one of my books finally finds a publishing home, I want to be ready with the marketing plan. That said, I’ve dug through all my old blog posts from all my favorite blogs and pulled out every shred of information I could find on marketing. I’m sharing some of the info over at Melody Steiner’s … Continue reading

10 Marketing Methods

I haven’t sold my first book yet, but I want to be ready when it finally happens to me. It’s bound to be soon, since I’ve been at it for so long and invested more than enough hours… but enough whining. When I sign my first publishing contract, I want to know what’s expected of … Continue reading

How Jordan Dane Does Things

I’m the guest blogger today at Melody Steiner’s site. I announced it earlier, but it didn’t actually appear on the site until just a few minutes ago. No biggie. I talk about what Jordan Dane did to market her book, so go check it out if you’re interested. -Sonja