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Strengthening Your Writing “Muscle”

Today I’m the guest blogger at Melody Steiner’s site. Head over and see what I had to say about QR Codes to market your book. And now for the feature presentation, a message from Melody Steiner to you: For those of you who’ve missed out thus far, I’m guest blogging for my writing pal, Sonja Hutchison.  By now, … Continue reading

Writing through the deserts

I’m a guest blogger today over at Melody Steiner’s site, and she’s guest blogging at my site. Here’s what she has to say about deserts: (This desert brought to you by freedigitalphotos.net) There are times when every good writer goes through dry spells during the writing process. Think of writing as a journey, and those … Continue reading

O Captain! My Captain!

I am pleased to have Melody Steiner as a guest blogger through the month of July. Set aside your Saturdays for an awesome read. (I am also posting on her site every Saturday if you’re interested in what I have to say about marketing.) Here’s a bit about Melody and what she has to say: Melody … Continue reading

Changing Grooves for Fun and Profit!

I am delighted to present a guest blogger today, my critique partner and friend Cyndi Bishop. First I’ll introduce her. Here she is:     Here’s what makes her tick:  Cyndi Bishop lives in the Seattle, WA, area with her husband and dogs. She writes and maintains house full time, as well as crocheting, knitting, … Continue reading