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It’s time to panic now

Last July, I sent my latest manuscript to a literary agent. She responded that she enjoyed the beginning of the book, but around the middle it started to fall apart. She suggested I send it to a professional editor to see what it would take to fix… Continue reading

Stage Three Melt-Down

In my last post, I talked about the 5 Stage Writing Cycle, casually mentioned by Meg Gardiner at The Kill Zone a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I sat down at my computer, opened up my Work In Progress (WIP), and slid into Stage Three almost immedi… Continue reading

Story CPR

Janet Lee Carey teaches a class at Writer’s Workshops called Story CPR. I won’t give away all her secrets, but here are some of the highlights. The CPR stands for:CharacterPremise, Plot, PacingReader Satisfaction, Renewal, RevisionIf your story is… Continue reading

Words from an Expert

In April, I blogged about the evaluation Jeff Gerke performed on the first 50 pages of my novel. For review, I covered the top three no- no’s in my manuscript: too much telling, unbelievable plot points, and an unsympathetic protagonist. At the en… Continue reading