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Whining and Self-Doubt

I’m taking a quick break from my series to talk about something many of us struggle with. I’m in the process now, and I’m working on making it go away.   Here’s the set-up. I wrote a novel called CASSANDRA’S CURSE. At the time, it was the best novel I’d ever written. It was my … Continue reading

Snap Out of the Funk

I’m behind on my blog-reading (I have an RSS reader that sucks in all the blog posts I think I want to read and stores them in a handy place–I’m sure you know all this, but I’m still fascinated by the technology…). Anyway, I was slogging through my blogs and came to a post from Sept … Continue reading

Finding an Awesome Critique Partner

Kristen Lamb‘s blog today is called Do You Have a Psychic Vampire Critique Partner? It deals with identifying and getting rid of awful critique partners (Kristen calls them psychic vampires because they suck the life out of you). Critique partners have been on my brain recently because one of my goals, when I go to … Continue reading

I’ve been publicly critiqued

A group of 14 published mystery/suspense authors run a blog site called The Kill Zone. Last month, they asked readers to submit the first page of their novel for critique by one of the 14. I submitted the first page of my WIP, Cassandra’s Curse. C… Continue reading