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What You Get At A Wring Conference

I’m off to Portland, OR, for the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference tomorrow, so I’m posting Monday’s stuff a day early. The conference is a whopping four days, but I can only afford to go for two. Since I’ll be gone and ultra busy, there won’t be a Wednesday post this week. However, there will be … Continue reading

How to Navigate a Cocktail Party

I don’t usually post on Sunday’s, but I just read this amazing article at Writer Unboxed about how shy people can successfully navigate a social setting (specifically, a cocktail party at a writer’s conference). I’ll admit, I’d be one tempted to print the article and stuff it in my pocket to take with me to such a … Continue reading

That’s What Brandilyn Said

Back in May, I promised to pass on the wisdom I soaked up at the Christian Writers Renewal Conference. Here’s the second part of Brandilyn Collins’ lecture on creating dynamic suspense: CHARACTER EMOTION.I’ll start with the blurb that described th… Continue reading

More from Brandilyn

Last month at the Christian Writers Renewal, I sat under the teaching of Brandilyn Collins. I promised some highlights from her class on Getting into Character.The first class was Character Desire. As an author, I need to know my character’s insid… Continue reading

Shameless Name-Dropping

It’s time for my favorite post-conference blog entry, when I shamelessly name all the famous, near-famous, or infamous people I actually met. These aren’t listed in any particular order, other than they came out of my head this way. Here we go:1.)… Continue reading

What Nick Harrison Said

Nick Harrison, senior editor from Harvest House Publishers, taught a class entitled “How to sell Your Fiction in Tough Economic Times” at the writer’s conference last week. If I may be so bold, I’ll share with you ALL the ideas he shared with us:1… Continue reading

Upcoming Writers Renewal

The Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference is coming up May 7 and 8, and I’m looking forward to attending. Brandilyn Collins, a “leading force in Christian mystery fiction” is the keynote speaker. I met her at another conference a few year… Continue reading

Seattle Writer’s Renewal

Last weekend I attended the Christian Writer’s Renewal Conference in Seattle. Keynote speaker Dennis “Doc” Hensley inspired us with his talk on the Power of Words; agents and editors offered advise and listened to writers pitch ideas; teachers dis… Continue reading

I Stand Corrected

A while ago, I posted some amazing advice I learned from Colleen Coble, in the class she taught at the ACFW Conference: she told us to outline our books from the POV of the antagonist. I found this exciting and new and extremely helpful for findin… Continue reading