Voice of the Just

Who do you trust?

An unjust beating leaves warrior Alex scarred and deformed, unfit for duty—until a voice calls him to the forests. He is chosen to bond with Tala, a silver wolf, and share a telepathic link. She heals his injuries, and he uses his enhanced abilities to serve his people. He just has to avoid the royal family.

Prince Donal isn’t satisfied ruling his realm. He also wants the smaller nation to the south. But Alex and the wolves stand in Donal’s way. He frames Alex for the murder of a foreign diplomat and deploys hunters to eradicate the wolves.

Now Alex is banished, and he’s the only one who knows the depths of the prince’s betrayal. Separated from those he loves and hunted by assassins, Alex again hears a voice call to him—this time to risk everything, expose Donal’s deceptions, and restore balance to the two kingdoms teetering on the brink of war.

Alex and his people, the Jeelys, live on a mountainous, rain-forest covered peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow land bridge, cut off from all contact with humans. Now the three Jeelys kingdoms hold an uneasy peace, but it’s threatened by two power-hungry princes. And someone–or something–in the Shadow Realm is slaughtering wolves.

What is so special about this sword? Alex drew it from memory after all the trouble it caused.

Drawing of Anika

Drawing of Anika

Drawing of Mariah, colored pencil