Writing Prompts

Over on Pinterest, interesting writing prompts pop up once in a while on my feed. One especially interesting one caught my attention, so I followed the link. It’s called Reddit Writing Prompts. Go check it out, I’ll wait for you.
The one that jumped out at me on Pinterest is this:
> On your eighteenth birthday, you shoot a mystic bow that is said to kill whoever is destined to kill you, three seconds before they do. Eight years later, your arrow strikes your SO’s heart, right as s/he says “I do.”
A little melodramatic, but intriguing. And heart-breakingly sad. I don’t like sad stuff, but this one got me. Wouldn’t that make a great short story?
I haven’t investigated the site well enough to know if these prompts are supposed to help you come up with a new novel idea, or spark a short story idea, or just get your creative juices flowing. There is a place for you to share the story you made up, contests, and a chat room. Maybe one of you has perused the site more than I have and can enlighten us all? I was thinking they’d be great prompts to get my son writing.
Let me share a few more interesting ones:
> You’re a monster hiding under the bed. You’re just about to burst out and frighten your victim when the father bursts into the room and starts mercilessly beating his own child.
> You are the first person ever to enter a black hole. When you come out the other side, you are back in the world exactly as you left it, but nobody seems to remember you.
> You’d always thought your house was haunted. One night, you’re attacked by an intruder, but something defends you.
> You are the Chief Magical Officer at a retirement home for wizards witH Alzheimer’s disease.
That’s just a sampling, and I tried to grab different genres. There are TONS to choose from. Maybe someday when you’re feeling writer’s block or can’t come up with a great idea for your next novel, give this site a try and see if that helps.

One response to “Writing Prompts”

  1. I enjoy prompts for exercise and occasional idea inspiration, but it’s rare for a prompt to fully develop into a novel-length piece for me. That won’t be the case for everyone. My process is a little more on the free-form and convoluted side of the writing spectrum.

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