2014 Resolutions

Kat Heckenbach posted “Goals and Wishes for 2014” on her blog a couple of days ago, but I just came across it today (I’m behind in blogging AND blog-reading). I thought these things were done in January, but Kat did hers now, and that reminded me that it’s time for those lovely dreaded resolutions. January 2013 was so long ago, and I’m not all that excited about looking up my last resolutions list (and all the guilt that will go along with realizing I met NONE of my goals for the year), so I won’t bother to look them up. Feel free, if you’re that curious. I’m more interested in looking forward. 

For 2014, here are the things I’d like to accomplish in my writing life:
  • Finish the three novels I started this year (two romantic suspense and one urban fantasy).
  • Sign a contract with a book publisher (seeing an actual book in print will be for 2015).
  • Attend at least one writer’s conference and meet new people. It’d be fun to meet more famous authors while I’m at it.
  • Build my blog readership. That includes more discipline in posting three per week, preferably on the same three days of every week.
  • Study at least two new books on the craft of writing. (I hope James Scott Bell puts a new one out next year.)
  • Continue in my habit of reading 2 novels per week. I’d like to branch out into a new genre that I haven’t read widely in before–but it won’t be romance or Amish. Although I do have a werewolf romance someone gave me that hasn’t hit the give-away bin yet. Maybe I’ll try that one. I’d love to find a romantic suspense with a parapsychological element. Can anyone recommend something along the lines of Kay Hooper?
  • Begin my new blog that caters to fans of my Cassie stories (and thus counts as marketing): a recipe blog featuring a lot of the Greek food that appears in my novels.
That looks like a respectable list. Does it make you want to write your own list? Or would you rather stick a fork in your eye? Share with me some of your goals for the coming year (if you can still see the keyboard through your one good eye).

One thought on “2014 Resolutions

  1. I pretty much gave up resolutions once it was no longer a traditional school assignment. 🙂 But I do intend on writing more novels – if I can match last year’s rate, that would be awesome; if I can beat it, that would be more awesome.

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