The Thomas Concept – Pattern III

I’m discussing the eight patterns of strength from The Thomas Concept. Today’s post covers Pattern III. 

The Pattern III person is “Thoughtful, mild-mannered, polite, gentle, sincere, faithful, knowledgeable, dutiful, learned, patient, academic, tolerant, scholarly, benevolent, sensitive, studious, shy, courteous,” and is a moral philosopher. He’s interested in fundamental principle.
Relationship Strengths: Pattern III people put their focus of attention on the relationship, give support in a quiet way, are careful to not hurt other’s feelings, are understanding and affirming, seek to be cooperative and agreeable, and go along with the group.
Vocational Strengths: The Pattern III person organizes and communicates knowledge, writes textbook and historical works, teaches and nurtures, keeps cultural values alive, and is a sensitive and supportive advisor.
Wants Others To: The Pattern II person wants others to take the initiative in a quiet way, give them a chance to respond, listen to their thoughts and ideas, take the lead in making decision, and include them in the action.
Application: The best way to add more tension to a scene featuring a Pattern III character is to pit them against someone who is extremely independent, who doesn’t want or need any help, who doesn’t want to discuss anything, and/or is boisterous about their self-achieved conquests. 
I once worked with a Pattern III person, and if she wasn’t asked for help on every project, she felt betrayed and insulted. It made for a very stressful work environment, as I am an independent sort of person. Once I discovered (through a Thomas Concept class) what this woman needed, it was easier for me to change my work processes so she wasn’t glaring daggers at me every time I walked by with my completed assignments. It would have been nice if she’d found out that I worked best if left on my own to get the job done, but that’s a story for another time. 
Bottom line: The Pattern III personality comes across as extremely caring, loving, wanting/needing to help others, but when their own needs aren’t met, they can be quite cranky and un-loving. Play around with these ideas, because this is the type of character who would make a dandy non-traditional antagonist. In the Myers-Briggs universe, the Pattern III closely resembles the INFJ, or Counselor. Can you see Luke Skywalker or Mother Teresa as antagonists? They were both INFJs.
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