The Thomas Concept – Pattern II

In my last post, I began a discussion of the eight patterns of strength from The Thomas Concept. Today’s post covers Pattern II.

A Pattern II person is “rational, determined, logical, firm, analytical, disciplined, objective, conservative, deliberate, prudent, self-reliant, self-controlled, strong-willed, calm, tenacious, discerning, industrious, realistic.” They show sound judgment and use common sense.

Relationship Strengths: Pattern II people focus their attention on objective reality, provide stable leadership, bring rationality to emotional situations, keep their own counsel, hold feelings inside, and avoid small stalk.
Vocational Strengths: They analyze problems, take initiative to solve problems, bring order out of chaos, bring efficiency to operations, and keep tight control.
Wants Others to: Pattern II people want those around them to listen to them, show them respect, give them space (no crowding), stay rational and objective, and give them the facts, preferably in writing.
Application: If your character is a Pattern II type, the quickest way to throw tension in their lives is to make them interact with touchy-feeling people who are disrespectful (probably unintentionally) and highly emotional. The Pattern II character is no-nonsense and has no use for fantasy. Set a three-year-old on your hero’s lap and watch the sparks fly! Or better yet, a hard-core sci-fi fan who dresses as his favorite characters.
(These Trekkies courtesy of
As I’m more versed with Myers Briggs than Thomas, I thought the Pattern II person closely resembled an ESTJ (The Supervisor).
Is this exercise helpful for your writing? Sometimes labeling your characters traits can feel un-spontaneous and non-creative, but I find it’s helpful to create a base for my characters. Then I can add other quirks and habits that make my characters unique, and I can fashion excellent side characters to add extra tension.

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