Office Remodel Stifles Work-in-Progress

Here it is Friday, and I don’t have something fun, witty, or interesting to share. You’d think that’d be impossible, yet here I sit, calm and relaxed, with nothing new to impart. So I’ll tell you a bit about my week and make this a nice, quick read for you.

I’m remodeling my office. It started as a heroic effort to clean it up, but suddenly I’m looking at the bare stud walls and thinking how nice it would be if I had real walls with paint on them. The new paint scheme is creamy vanilla and cadet blue, and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, you can tell I did the mudding/taping by myself. But I can live with that–a few strategically hung pictures and the evidence disappears. I have most of my belongings back in my office now, and I’m stowing my crafting supplies in another part of the basement. All that’s left is to clean up the school room (as we were supposed to start school this week, but I managed to blow that one by a mile).
Here’s my ceiling-impared office with it’s new walls and mostly-uncluttered desktop. You might not be able to see, from this horrible photo, that I’m a geek-girl with my Star Trek Barbie and Ken prominently displayed on the upper shelving. As I have three boys, I’m entitled to a Barbie or two (or six) in my personal space. 
Now that it’s complete, I have no more excuses for not writing. What are some clever excuses for not writing that you’ve come up with lately? What’s the status of your current work-in-progress? 

6 thoughts on “Office Remodel Stifles Work-in-Progress

  1. Fixing up your work-space is a good Idea I’ve found. We are procrastinating when we do it, but in the end if it makes us feel less distracted when we sit down to work, it’s worth it.

    I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone and Teton Nat’l parks–a good mental break from writing, but look forward to getting back into my routine…once I post all my photos to FB. 😉

    • Less distracted… that would be nice. Unfortunately, when I set up my computer, it’s now facing my husband’s office, which is unfinished and a total mess. I should turn myself around so I’m facing my new walls! Good for you on the mental break, Peter. Now back to work.

  2. I’d like to say that my stagnation in my current WIP is due to the fact that my husband and I have a ton of deadlines coming up (an event next weekend we have to get ready for, some remodeling to do before a friend moves in with us in the middle of next month), but that just isn’t the case. Part of it is that my new part-time job takes up a lot of my mental energy, and its format is not conducive to my writing needs (I get work in at random times throughout the weekday, so I might end up with twenty minutes of work or I might end up with 2-3 hours of work on any given day). Mostly I just need to learn to accept smaller steps of progress (if I have a couple hours worth of work in my inbox, I can’t exactly expect myself to get 3k words written that day…) and be okay with smaller word count goals until the job quiets down some (which it should after this month). (I like parenthesis.)

  3. Parentheses are our friends 🙂 Smaller word count goals will probably make you feel better about your progress when life gets busy. Just think of how much you’ll get written when life returns to normal. Is there a normal?

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