To Prologue or Not To Prologue

Kristen Lamb’s post The Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues caught my attention this morning because my writing buddy and I have been debating the wisdom of using prologues in our stories. So far, her prologues survived the ax. Two of mine didn’t. Most editors and agents say that prologues are a no-no in today’s market, but some of the best-selling authors on the planet use them. So are they a no-no or not? Read Kristen’s blog to find the answer–I don’t think I can say it any better than she did. 

On a side note, I missed blogging yesterday because I was busy working on a full-scale remodel of my home office. I blogged two weeks ago that I was going to clean it up so I could be more productive. Silly me, I boxed everything up, moved all the furniture out, and found some scrap pieces of sheetrock in another section of our unfinished basement. (My office walls were mostly sheetrocked with a few unsightly patches of bare studs and insulation). Now all my walls have sheetrock (and that’s a totally funny story for another time), they are mudded and sanded, and I’ll be priming today. I chose three different paint colors for the wall. Hubby vetoed one. The others are kind of boring and I’m not really excited about slapping them up, so I may go back to the paint chips again in a day or two. All this to say, my computer is sitting on the dining room table, all my craft books and notes are in boxes, and my will to blog got stifled in the sheetrock dust. So my apologizes for missing the post yesterday. I’ll do my best to hit tomorrow’s on time.
Any words of wisdom regarding paint colors? I hear that shades of orange promote thinking and vibrancy (I’m thinking a shade of peach) while blue is relaxing. Hmm, maybe relaxation isn’t a great idea for a home office, if I’m supposed to be writing instead of napping…

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