Check out this new book!

kristenlambKristen Lamb’s blog post yesterday featured her new book Rise of the Machines (I couldn’t find an amazon link for it, but it comes out July 4, 2013.) She talks about change being a scary but exciting thing. She got to be a cyborg took some risks with her cover art, and it turned out awesome (yes, that’s really her as a cyborg).

Is this fabulous, or what? It looks like a fiction cover, but the book is non-fiction. It beautifully displays her personality, it appeals to her audience (creative people who like sci-fi, vampires, Dr. Who, and Renaissance fairs), and it’ll definitely stand out on non-fiction shelves. Who will be able to resist picking it up?

Check out her blog post to read about the rise of the book, the decisions she made, and see a massive close-up of this cover.

2 thoughts on “Check out this new book!

  1. Sorry, people. I tried some new formatting and managed to mess a bunch of it up. The blue “got to be a cyborg” was supposed to be crossed out (as it appears in Kristen’s blog) but I managed to get it wrong. I’m trying to fix it, so be patient with me as I figure out how to use all the tools of my new blogging site.

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