Character Decisions

Writer Unboxed had an awesome blog post yesterday by Lisa Cron called “Does Your Protagonist Have Amnesia?” Check it out! It’s about how your protagonist makes decisions based on his past and his motivations. It’s a Must Read. Go now. Then come back when you’re done and leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Character Decisions

  1. Interesting to read. As a ‘pantser,’ I have a slightly different perspective. These sorts of details usually form themselves through the writing process rather than being established beforehand. There are plenty of things a reader could ask about one of my characters, and I might never have considered those details before, but I’d still be able to give a clear answer. Ultimately, the end result is the same – the character makes decisions and behaves based on their personality and history, even if I haven’t written all those out beforehand. The potential flaw is that sometimes I fail to include enough details for the reader’s sake because I have an implicit understanding that I forget the reader lacks. 🙂

  2. If I didn’t plan these details out beforehand, I’d probably miss something vital that needed to come out for the ending to make sense. Planning it lets me know where these details should fall in the story. Also, knowing how I want the ending to play out and knowing what obstacles my protagonist will face, I can plan the flaws and phobias early and let them shine in the beginning of the story so the reader can see what kind of journey the protagonist will endure. Knowing the end helps me find the motivations and background for my protagonist.

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