That’s what he said…

Michael Hyatt blogged recently on blogging, and one of his posts
caught my eye: Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?

Mistake number one, according to Mr. Hyatt, is: You Don’t Post Enough.

I immediately noticed that I am guilty of this mistake. Not only am I
guilty, but I’ve been aware of this mistake for quite a while now and
have managed to NOT fix it.

Here’s the deal. I like to blog. I like to post pithy comments and
pass on creative ideas and paste in remarkable quotes. So why don’t I?

After pondering a good six minutes, I came to this conclusion: I don’t
post often enough because I feel I don’t have anything to say that’s
worth reading.

Ain’t that a hoot? I, who routinely overshoot my projected word count
by a good 20,000 words, can’t think of anything to write in a blog. Or
I think of something, then wonder if anyone will be interested in
reading about it. The funniest part of this whole conundrum is that
when I DO finally post something, I usually get good feedback from my three loyal readers. They don’t always post comments, but I hear from them in emails or in person.

The fix for this problem is pretty easy. Post More Often. I should be
able to do, for what it’s worth. I shall try harder this next year.


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