You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I’m in the midst of writing a murder mystery, and my protagonist is
the Chief of a small town. My husband, who works for a sheriff’s
department, is a tremendous help when it comes to research and
protocols. He’s also pointed me to other web sites and blogs to find
the material I need. I just found this case on a blog and thought it
had to be shared. I’ll keep all the necessary details to myself and
just tell the story:

One evening just before closing, a liquor store clerk noted a white
male enter the store. He selected a two liter bottle of coke and two
bottles of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey. Then he fled without paying. The clerk gave chase. Not too far down the road, the suspect’s pants slid down around his ankles, tripping him up. He dropped his merchandise. In his haste to get away from the clerk, he lost his shoes and pants, which the clerk recovered. The pants contained a wallet and a driver’s license belonging to the suspect.

This sounds like a portion of a Janet Evanovich novel, but it
happened in real life. Sometimes the funniest stuff doesn’t come from
the brain of an author, it comes from an Incident Report. I love
reading stuff like this!



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